A-Parser – a multi-threaded parser of search engines, site assessment services, keywords, content(text, links, random data) and much more(youtube, pictures, translators…). A-Parser combines over 60 parsers in total!


A-Parser solves the routine tasks when obtaining, processing and arranging data required for:

    [*] SEO-optimization of websites and Web-analytics

    [*] The collection link databases for XRumer, A-Poster, AllSubmitter, ZennoPoster, and many more!

    [*] Rating websites and domains across the specified parameters

    [*] Monitoring the position of numerous websites across multiple search engines

    [*] Collection of text, images and video content for generating gateway websites (doorways)

    [*] Backlink monitoring

    [*] Collecting information from websites (e.g. phone/emails, forum messages, adverts…)

    [*] Obtaining and assessing keywords

    [*] Collecting and compiling backlink lists

    [*] ..and much more!

Web security

    [*] Obtaining and filtering link databases by footprints

    [*] Determination of website CMS

    [*] Formation of arbitrary GET and POST requests with simultaneous answer filtration

Network administration

    [*] DNS – resolving domains to IP addresses

    [*] WHOIS – obtaining domain name-servers and the dates when each domain was registered and becomes available

A-Parser allows you to solve the most unusual tasks by combining its capabilities. Below are a handful of the many features and variants of the parser application:

    [*] Query formatting and substitution

    [*] Processing requests for multiple parsers in a single task

    [*] Queries Builder and Results Builder

    [*] Filtering and identifying unique results

    [*] Powerful result generation template system

    [*] Tools to deserialize JSON and javascript execution

    [*] Task tester – for quick and effective task preparation

A-Parser was created, and continues development, with the more than 10 years of experience and knowledge in the development of parsers and multi-threaded network applications. The production of A-Parser is executed on the following principles:

    [*] Speed and performance, primarily due to multi-threaded request processing

    [*] Most effectively use of computer or server resources

    [*] Functionality and convenience of use – a user focused product

    [*] Extensive testing to select the best tool or algorithm for each task

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