[*]Name : AdFinder

    [*]Version : 1.0.15

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Facebook Scraper Tools, T-Shirt Marketing Tools

    [*]Price : $49

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Find Every Ad on Facebook In Minutes
For any website, any product type…
Even your friends ads…
And even dark posts
Adfinder is a really sweet product with broad market appeal if marketed appropriately.
Naturally, it can be sold as a t-shirt spy tool, but it can equally be sold as a competitive research tool for offline businesses, physical product sellers, information product sellers, etc.
It will find anything being sold and marketed on Facebook, quick and fast.


  • Quickly perform super detailed keyword and domain searches on any term

  • Search for your friends posts, likes and shares (spy on your friends)

  • Narrow searches by date and type

  • Opens results in your default browser (Not a Chrome extension)

  • Open multiple searches in new tabs

  • Always stays on top, no disappearing each time your browser opens

  • Stand-Alone Windows or Mac application

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