[*]Name : Advanced Social Marketer

    [*]Version : 5.0

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Email Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Linkedin Marketing

    [*]Price : $497

    [*]Homepage : SalePage[/url]

Advanced Social Marketer contains the worlds first Comment Responder TM It will automatically reply to the comments entered on your posts! People who comment on your posts represent your EXACT target market and now you can communicate to them across hundreds of groups and even multiple accounts on Linkedin and Facebook!

But there is a lot more. Advanced Social Marketer also enables you to do targeted commenting to other peoples posts. It finds the posts of others from keywords you choose and then mass comments to them This sends a message to your exact target market, allowing you to reach thousands of people you would not normally have time to find Next, Advanced Social Marketer continues to deliver by enabling you to find the fan pages of your exact target market and then to post on those fan pages for even more FREE traffic!

Advanced Social Marketer gives you an edge by finding the exact groups in your target market FOR YOU and then AUTOMATICALLY JOINS THEM FOR YOU as well! Finding and posting to groups has never been this easy! Advanced Social Marketer even knows the largest groups on Facebook for you to join and will join them for you automatically! Advanced Social Marketer may be the easiest software you will ever use.


    [*]Join to (Linkedin/Facebook) Group

    [*]Post to Fanpage

    [*]Reply to the comments

    [*]targeted commenting to other peoples posts

    [*]Finding and posting to groups

    [*]Collect Email From FB/Linkedin

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