[*]Name : Almighty Keyword Hog

    [*]Version : 1.0.6

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Keyword Research Tools

    [*]Price : $30

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

“How do you draw thousands of visitors to your promotions and money-pages without breaking the bank on expensive ads?”
You Use The World’s Most
Powerful Traffic Strategy


    [*] MULTIPLES SEARCH ENGINE – Easily find keywords from Google, Amazon, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, & Ebay (adding more in future)

    [*] VARIABLE FEATURE – You can place characters anywhere within your keyword to truly find keywords that are untouched & profitable.

    [*] GET MORE TRAFFIC WITH TUMBLY HOG – Easily find keywords to use as hashtags in Tumbly Hog to maximize your exposure when people search those keywords.

    [*] FIND PROFITABLE KEYWORDS FOR SEO & YOUTUBE VIDEOS – Because Keyword Hog can search for keywords a way that’s never been done before, you’ll be able to find keywords no one has ever used for SEO or ranking YouTube videos. Crazy stuff!

    [*] MAX CHARACTER FEATURE – Everyone person getting keywords from search engines suggested searches have used the “A-Z” method. Our Max Character feature allows you to search for keywords with unused characters from 2-3 characters of 2000+ most popular english words.

    [*] FULL TRAINING – You get full training on how to use the program to the fullest in the members area.

    [*] TRAINING ON HOW TO USE KEYWORDS WITH TUMBLY HOG – Learn how to maximize your traffic from Tumblr using keywords in Tumbly Hog. You get Megan’s “How to Use Keywords To Your Advantage in Tumblr”.

    [*] SAVE & LOAD PROJECTS – You can save & load projects in Almighty Keyword Hog so you can continue searching keywords from where you left off and always have your keywords on file, right in the program.

    [*] MULTIPLE KEYWORD SEARCH – You can search multiple keywords at a time with Almighty Keyword Hog.

    [*] MINIMUM/MAXIMUM WORD FEATURE – Only want to limit the keywords that you get to keywords with 3 words? Maybe you want the maximum amount of words in the keywords to have 5 words at most? Well, we have that covered. You can control how many words are in the keywords that come back so you can get long-tail keywords only.

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