“At Last! The Ultimate Guide to Creating and Profiting from Your Own

WebTV Show or Video Podcast in Any Niche, Regardless of Your Background or Experience.”

What Does The Training Include?[/b]

I’ve developed an easy to follow, P5 system that guides you through each step of the process.

PLAN – PRODUCE – PUBLISH – PROMOTE – PROFIT PLAN – Decide on the topic and format for your show PRODUCE – Setup a camera and record your show PUBLISH – Upload the show to your blog or website PROMOTE – Invite the world to come and view your show PROFIT – Make money in both direct and indirect ways.

Research, Write, Present, Film, and Edit.

    [*] Should you use a script or an outline?  Learn the difference and the secrets.
    [*] How to overcome your nerves in front of the camera, and present like a pro.
    [*] Teleprompter tips – how to do it properly if you choose to use a prompter.
    [*] 4 Insider tricks for choosing and using a suitable set for your show.
Module #3:

Publishing is the phase when you launch your show on the world!  It’s a real thrill to see the views coming in. as long as you have a system to make that happen!

    [*] How to create a simple website to host and feature your show.
    [*] How to get listed in iTunes fast and efficiently.
    [*] The secrets of Roku, YouTube, and other distribution channels.
    [*] How to publish every episode in a systemized, easy to follow blueprint.
Module #4:

Promotion. You gotta let the world know about your new show, and I’ll show you the many costly mistakes to avoid!

    [*] Which social media channels to embrace, and which ones to reject.
    [*] The hidden magic of press-releases for promoting your show.
    [*] How to effectively leverage industry peers for free!
    [*] Harnessing the simple email signature effectively.
Module #5:

Profit.  There are 13 proven ways to monetize your show, and I’ll go in depth into each one, to show you how to benefit in the easiest way possible.

    [*] Download the same forms and templates I use in my own shows.
    [*] Learn how to approach sponsors, with a pre-done, ready to use script.
    [*] Discover the best affiliate offers, and how to integrate them.
    [*] Since traditional advertising doesn’t work in WebTV shows, learn how to work with advertisers to give them exactly what they want, even when your show is new.

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