Intelligent Analytics tool for Internet Business owners that want to increase market awareness for their products and services. Filled with features that are not available anywhere else.


Rapunzel is a premium Niche Analytics tool that will enable you to:

    [*] Retrieve Keywords, Data & Metrics With One Click

    [*] Find Lucrative Niches Easily

    [*] Discover Sub-Niches within Niches

    [*] Eliminate Hundreds of Dud Niches

    [*] Access ALL the HIDDEN DATA

    [*] Guarantee P1 Rankings With One Click

    [*] Access the vital Search Volume data that Google is hiding from me.

    [*] Exploit powerful metrics that are NOT available anywhere else.

    [*] Eliminate HUNDREDS of DUD, TIME-SUCKING niches in just seconds.

    [*] Spot ZERO-COMPETITION niches with just a few clicks.

    [*] Dominate Lucrative Niches that the IGNORANT Internet Marketers ignore.

    [*] Multiply Search Volume by a factor of 5X or even more.

    [*] Leverage thousands of keywords that are INVISIBLE to everyone else.

    [*] Validate Niches before I waste my time and money on them.

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