[*]Name : Article Maker FX – Article Factory Pro

    [*]Version : 2.03 Silo Monster

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Content Creator Tools

    [*]Price : $30

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) Contains 50,000 + SEO sound articles and have built in article Composer,Spinner,Submitter and Publisher to make extremely unique articles. Submit articles to different article master minds to for free review and make them ready to your website or blog.
All in all, Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) is a great SEO software tool that can be useful to everyone, from advanced online marketers to newbie online marketers. From a personal standpoint, it’s really helped me bring my article marketing to the next level. Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) allows you to easily tweak and improve your articles and blog posts so that they are more likely to be picked up by the search engine spiders, essentially bringing your SEO rankings up. It actually provides you with a step-by-step SEO guidance based on a scoring system which will tell you exactly what you need to change to your articles to improve their SEO score. If you haven’t already, purchase Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) and get your websites ranked at the top of search engines!


Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) is Josh’s latest software release. Basically it’s a massive database of PLR content that he and his team have gathered with over 50,000 articles and 420 categories of PLR content that the software can pull from and post of your website. It also gives you an option to automatically take different sources on the web to bring you a decent article. Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) can also add different types of media – images, music, etc. It can silo the structure of your website as well which I think is pretty awesome. If you’re not familiar with silo, it basically means that your website has categories and subcategories of content. Instead of having everything in one category or just a bunch of links to your article pages, your website would automatically be organized into categories and subcategories with the Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) software. Learning to silo is one of the most effective techniques for increasing your search engine rankings if it’s done correctly. Article Maker FX (Article Factory Pro) also gives you suggestions for LSI and long tail keywords into your content naturally. This is actually one of the best SEO strategies you can utilize to increase your search engine rankings.

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