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New Software Makes Writing A Press Release Easy
Thats just a look at writing a press release with the software, we will add some press release templates with examples that can be pulled into the software too as well as being able to upload to Massmedia SEO, YouTube including your old YouTube Video Descriptions and also WordPress.


Here is the completed Article That I Write In Less Thank 15 Minutes When i paused The Video, it gets faster the more you use and get used to the software too but its an awesome addition to The Commando SEO range of software’s, while being as near to automation as we can make it without using rehashed, copied, spun or pre-written content to maintain the editorial quality needed fore press release writing and distribution.

Press Releases SEO has been made simpler with the introduction of Article optimization software by Tony Hayes from Commando SEO for the new Press release distribution service to help with the best practices for writing online press releases with SEO optimization factors built in and also keeping the editorial quality by not using pre-made and pre written seo press releases.
Commando SEO recently took over MassMedia SEO and is entering the Online Press Release market with plans to be unveiled for what Hayes is calling budget press release services for small businesses and also to offer reseller plans to SEO agencies and online marketers.
Hayes has revealed the new plans for MassMedia, which he is targeting a sector of the market that has been up until now, costly for small business and marketers to maintain monthly package options with the established press release services and distribution companies.
His plans include:
For small businesses on a budget there are now 5 Press Release Per Month Packages, and also packages for 10 and 20 press releases per month with prices ranging from $47.00 to $127.00 per month.
This is around one third the price of Newswire, and even lass expensive that some other services which can charge up to $200 per press release.
There is also an extended rollover of any unused press releases from the previous month, to the next month in a credits system but only to a maximum of 50 press releases held in credit. This effectively gives a maximum time of two and a half months to use up credits for customers using their largest package.
The introduction of of a proprietary new software to help write an seo press release efficiently and quickly even for those who are not SEO’s with a very easy “how to” system built into the software giving seo press release tips.
Massmedia has an impressive lists of sites for its seo press release distribution network and also has plans to introduce multi-media using video, Google hangouts on air, and advanced image optimization too.
Hayes has a very clear objective entering into the market “There are many small businesses, Public relations and SEO agencies out there who have tried and quit using online press releases due to the costs and we are aiming to rectify this situation for the online press release services. I know from my own experience that there are times when you just have no reason to use up packages of press releases and in my mind there is no reason why a customer should lose any credits from the previous month.”
Hayes also points out that a lot of potential customers struggle with press release seo best practices and has stated his intent with the new desktop software “many small business will have no idea how to write a press release for seo but we know that they tend to rank very quickly in the search engines and that online press release and seo go hand in hand. Our new software tool which is given to all active members of MassMediaSEO teaches them in a very intuitive way how to use press releases for seo and be able to upload the finished article direct from the software into the Massmedia web platform in one click.”
Hayes has Posted a video on the Commando SEO YouTube channel which he lays out the plans for the new service.

Thats a pretty decently optimized article and although it needs a few finishing touches before being a prefect press release example and it will be simpler to do too when we add the press release templates into the software too but its fast and almost ready for submission, its a great start and was extremely easy to use for writing a press release in super quick time while keeping it optimized.

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