[*]Name : Cakewalk SONAR Platinum + Plugins + Content

    [*]Version :

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Music Creator

    [*]Price : $499

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

SONAR: Craft your masterpiece
Fueled by over 25 years in the relentless pursuit of innovation, SONAR is re-inventing the modern recording studio.
The most complete music production package
The creative experience only SONAR offers: advanced technology, effortless workflow, and an interface that amplifies inspiration.




    [*] Get Started Quickly : Track templates, screensets, matrix view, step sequencers, and more let you focus on music as soon as SONAR boots

    [*] Compose!Score your music with SONAR’s integrated staff view – ideal for songwriters and composers

    [*] New Piano Roll View : SONAR’s new, improved, and powerful PRV streamlines creating and editing MIDI sequences

    [*] We bring the band : No band? No problem. Count on SONAR to fill out your tracks with an impressive suite of virtual instruments

    [*] Social media sharing : Use SoundCloud integration to share your music on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites

    [*] Sing your instrument parts : Hum, whistle or sing into SONAR – then use Melodyne’s audio-to-MIDI function to convert your melodies into instrument parts


    [*] Overloud TH2 Amps : Plug in to exclusive virtual rigs – and take your guitar anywhere, from sparkly clean to high-gain madness

    [*] Strum Acoustic Session : Accompany yourself as SONAR triggers realistically strummed acoustic guitar parts

    [*] Blue Tubes Valve Driver : Add character, warmth, and serious mojo with vintage tube amp saturation effects

    [*] Comp the perfect solo : SONAR re-invents comping with the fastest, most efficient way to transform multiple performances into a perfect composite track

    [*] Chord Chart & Tab : Notate, compose, or print music with standard notation staff view and guitar tab – perfect for guitar students and teachers

    [*] YouTube Export : Export your songs and performances directly from SONAR to today’s #1 music delivery medium


    [*] VocalSync : Quickly align and tighten multiple vocal takes – whether doubled vocals, background vocals, or ADR for film

    [*] Melodyne Essential : The world’s leading pitch correction software integrates seamlessly with SONAR, thanks to ARA protocol support

    [*] Take Lanes & Comping : SONAR re-invents comping with the fastest, most efficient way to transform multiple performances into a perfect composite track

    [*] REmatrix Solo : Convolution technology flatters your vocals with lush, super-realistic Hall, Room, Plate, and other reverb effects

    [*] PC76 U-Type Compressor : Experience lightning-fast vocal dynamics control with this accurate model of iconic FET-based compression

    [*] VX-64 Vocal Strip : Polish vocals with one-stop dynamics, de-essing, EQ, doubling, saturation, and frequency-selective delay


    [*] Addictive Drums 2 : The world’s finest drum kits, percussion instruments, and patterns (included in Professional/Platinum versions)

    [*] Session Drummer 3 : This drummer shows up on time, never misses a beat, and brings high quality kits from Roland, Steven Slate, and more

    [*] Step Sequencer : From hip-hop to hardcore, make body-shaking beats in minutes – with options for deep editing and “humanization”

    [*] PX-64 Percussion Strip : One-stop drum processing with EQ, dynamics, transient shaping, saturation, and delay

    [*] PC4K Bus Compressor : “Glue” your kit’s audio tracks together with this meticulously modeled classic bus compressor

    [*] TS-64 Transient Shaper : Go beyond conventional dynamics for larger-than-life sounds – from cracking snares to ultra-powerful kicks


    [*] Skylight Interface : Combining beauty, brains, and efficiency, this award-winning interface makes serious recording fun again

    [*] Mix Recall : Never second-guess a mix again: switch among multiple saved mixes for easy, one-click comparisons

    [*] ProChannel : Experience that big analog sound – and even create your own mixer architecture – with customizable channel strips

    [*] 64-bit Mix engine : Record your performances with utmost precision using SONAR’s brilliant 64-bit audio engine.

    [*] Expandable Sends & FX : See the big picture, and add as many sends or FX as your screen resolution can handle

    [*] Direct Stream Digital (DSD) : SONAR now supports DSD, a high definition 1-bit audio format commonly used to archive masters in high resolution


    [*] Dynamic Control Bar : From compact laptop to multiple monitors, SONAR’s revamped Control Bar gives instant access to your go-to functions

    [*] New Pattern Tool : Save time and speed workflow by “painting” MIDI loops and patterns across the PRV and Track View

    [*] AudioSnap : Revamped with new a look and algorithm, AudioSnap performs timing and tempo tweaking in style

    [*] Tone2 Bifilter2 : This sound designer’s dream offers a mind-boggling 47 unique filter types and 8 different distortion models

    [*] Matrix View : Remix on the fly, try different arrangements, and even capture everything in track view – never lose your inspirations

    [*] Step Sequencer : From hip-hop to hardcore, make body-shaking beats in minutes – with options for deep editing and “humanization”

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