Ant Rapunzel

Intelligent Analytics tool for Internet Business owners that want to increase market awareness for their products and services. Filled with features that are not available anywhere else. MoIritCh-Ew Features Rapunzel is a premium Niche Analytics tool that will enable you to: Retrieve Keywords, Data & Metrics With One Click Find Lucrative Niches Easily Discover Sub-Niches within Niches Eliminate Hundreds of Dud Niches ...

PPC Prospector 1.70

Find and collect businesses advertising with Google and instantly see which ones are spending the most money and need the most help! Features Easily search by keyword and location Adobe Air Application (Mac and PC compatible) Detects which Ad Extensions are being used Multi country support Mini-Audit Report Generation Customizable Templates Integrated with Analytic Call Tracking 1.Download Now, then Extract 2.Run with Our Loader 3.Type Anything As key 4.Enjoy Password : [email protected] Tutorials

PPC Campaign Generator 2.95

The Ultimate PPC Campaign Creation Software Tool Generate paid search campaigns on Google and Bing in minutes with PPC Campaign Generator software. PPC Campaign Generator is software that paid search marketers use to generate high-quality PPC campaigns fast and efficiently. Typically this software is used by digital marketing agencies, small business owners and affiliate marketers. N33W31NmMYk Features Keyword Research : Scrape keyword suggestions from...

TrendMiner Pro 2.11.4 Name : TrendMiner Pro Version : 2.11.4 OS : Windows Type : Bot Creator Price : $27 Homepage : SalePage FIND HOT TRENDS Watch this video and you'll actually know how to discover 3 HOT TRENDS in seconds with TrendMiner Pro... TrendMiner Pro could have alerted you to the huge spike in the "quinoa food trend" back in 2008... S7Rp_ioAsbk Features 14 Million Terabytes...

AdvantageBot 3.0 Name : AdvantageBot Version : 3.0 OS : Windows Type : Google Ads Tool, Social Ads Tool Price : $197 Homepage : SalePage AdvantageBot is perfect tool for testing & improving your salepages, ads, banners, links and more.Prime everything for maximum response. AdvantageBot contains a built-in database of over two hundred and seventy thousand profitable and unprofitable ads. It allows...

PPC Keyword Toolz

Name : PPC Keyword Toolz Version : OS : Windows Type : PPC Marketing Tools, Google Adword Tools Price : $67 Homepage : SalePage "Generate Google AdWords and Bing AdCenter Campaigns with 1000s of AdGroups, Text Ads and Image Banner Ads and Dynamic Landing Pages in seconds! Your AdWords Campaigns are Razor Targeted, 100% Accurate Pay Per Click...

PPC Keyword Generator 1.0

Name : PPC Keyword Generator Version : 1.0 OS : Windows Type : Keyword Research Tools Price : $29 Homepage : SalePage PPC Keyword Generator is keyword combination generation tool created by OverZone Software. The tool allows you to swap lists of keywords from side-to-side to generate as many keyword combinations as you wish. The program can output keywords...

Redfly Keyword Management Tool 1.1.0 Name : Redfly Keyword Management Tool Version : 1.1.0 OS : Windows Type : Bot Creator Price : $0 Homepage : SalePage TheRedFly Keyword Manager Tool enables you to quickly and easily create keyword lists for Google AdWords, allowing you to batch modify and manipulate your keywords efficiently and easily. This tool reduces formatting errors and can endlessly expand...

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