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Scott Haines – Shortcut Copywriting Course

"Now, at last, you can use these shortcut copywriting secrets too! "Proven Pro Copywriter Reveals Amazing Secrets That Simplify And Shortcut The Copywriting Process, Inject More Raw Sales Power Into Every Word You Write. And. Quickly Unleash The Millions Of Dollars Hidden There In That Keyboard Of Yours!" Here is what you are going to get: Chapter 1: How To Write Killer...

Dave Kaminski – Kaizen Copywriting System

A lot has changed over the years. Music has changed. Once there was Donna Summer. Now there's Katy Perry. Cars have changed. Once there was the AMC Pacer. Now there's the Toyota Prius. Television has changed. There used to be 3 channels. Now most people have over 200. And America's enemies have changed. I can remember in the Marine Corps...

Copywriting Blueprints

This is one of my newest courses, and it includes the blueprints and templates for writing all of the key parts of your copy. Inside, you'll learn: >Why you need to write your copy as if you're talking to one person - even when you're talking to thousands. or millions >The two most powerful and persuasive words to use in your copy >Two...

Copyhackers – 10x Landing Pages

Copyhackers - 10x Landing Pages Earn More money by writing better copy. 10x Landing Pages will walk you through the Exact, Proven and Repeatable Process We Use to Write High-Converting Landing Pages, Without the Guesswork. We completely overhauled our copywriting course (The Copy Link) to bring you 100% actionable training on how to write landing pages that convert. You'll get instant access...

AWAI – Web Intensive Homestudy 2017

http://i1.wp.com/getwsodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/369.jpg Master the "7 Most Lucrative" Web Writing Projects. and Transform Yourself into an In-Demand Web Writer. in as Little as 3 Days. All from the Comfort of Your Own Home! http://i1.wp.com/getwsodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/147.jpg AWAI's 2017 Web Copywriting Intensive Home Study (Recorded in Austin, Texas, February 26 - March 1, 2017) Yes! I'm excited to gain full access to everything revealed at AWAI's 2017 Web Copywriting Intensive . I know...

Ray Edwards – Copy Academy

Sales Video Here's the truth: most people find writing sales copy intimidating. You need to write persuasive sales copy. But is it possible to sell without being "salesy"? Yes! Anyone can write friendly, heart-centered, yet persuasive sales copy, when you follow the carefully constructed system you'll discover inside The Copywriting Academy. Here Are the Proven Secrets of Writing Copy That Sells More Of...

Mitch Miller – Copy Penthouse Experience

http://i1.wp.com/www.getwsodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Mitch-Miller-Logo-FINAL-_light-bg_-High-Res.png Show Me How To Get Really Good At Advertising So I Don't Have To Keep Posting Instagram Pics Next To Someone Else's Lamborghini! "I'll Show You How To Craft Advertising That Will Make You Rich Even If The Idea Of Writing Sends More Chills Down Your Spine Than Donald Trump Kissing The Back of Your Neck." Mitch Miller's Copy Penthouse Is...

The Copywriting Clinic by Dan Kennedy

http://getwsodownload.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/03a.jpg How To Literally WRITE Any Size Paycheck You Like, As Often As You Like. "I Know 97 Specific "Tricks" to Creating Copy That Reach Out and Suck Money Right Out of Peoples' Wallets Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum Cleaner Monster - How Many of My Tricks Would You Like to Know?" When you master the art-and-science of writing powerful direct-response copy for...

Michael Masterson & Mike Palmer – Copy Logic

http://www.getwsodo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/mmr-250x375.jpg Spend Just One Afternoon Reading This Book: " Copy Logic - The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism)" . And You'll Hold in Your Hands a Proven System Almost Guaranteed to Produce Powerful Direct-Response Copy . every time. Copy Logic! The New Science of Producing Breakthrough Copy (Without Criticism), written by Michael Masterson and Mike Palmer, will help you write strong, well-balanced copy every...

Copyhackers – The Conversion Copywriting Workshop

The Conversion Copywriting Workshop As presented and recorded at ConversionXL Live. With a strong emphasis on finding and organizing your messages before you begin writing, this conversion copywriting workshop will help you not only write better copy but think like a copywriter in everything you do. Discover the words to use to speak directly to a single reader. See...

Dave Dee – The Power Of Copy Unleashed

Attention: Small Business Owners, Sales People and Anyone Who Wants More Customers, Clients or Patients. "Just Released! Confidential Formula Provides The Step-By-Step Blueprint For Generating A Continuous Stream Of Customers,  Allows You To Quickly Dominate Your Market And Turns Your Business Into A Money-Making Machine!" The Amazing Part, Of Course, Is How Quickly This All Works.  Within Hours of Employing These...

Jo Han Mok – Copywriting Empire

If You're Finally Ready For 'Overnight' Success, Now You Can. "Clone My Entire Copywriting Business From A-Z!" Instantly Propel Yourself Into The Big Leagues As A Hotshot Copywriter, Set Up Your Own Internet Direct Response Agency, Own A Highly Lucrative 'Copywriting Business-In-A-Box', And Much Much More. Having good writing skills is an asset, but not necessary The truth is, it's actually ridiculously easy,...

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