Get more wins and bigger wins through optimization and testing 1 Foundations[/u][/b]

Optimizers needs to know a lot about a lot. This track covers the fundamentals one needs to know before you’re able to optimize anything.

    [*] CRO Foundations
    [*] Conversion Copywriting
    [*] Design & UX
    [*] Persuasion & Online Psychology
    [*] Best Practices of High-Converting Websites
    [*] Principles of Persuasive Design
    [*] Intro to Digital Analytics
    [*] Data-Driven Attribution

2 Conversion Research[/u][/b]

Assess current situation. Collect and evaluate data. Identify problems and opportunities.

    [*] Using ResearchXL Framework to Identify Issues
    [*] Heuristic Analysis
    [*] Digital Analytics
    [*] User Testing
    [*] Survey Design
    [*] Qualitative Research
    [*] Data-Driven User Personas
    [*] Mouse Tracking
    [*] Conducting Google Analytics Audit
    [*] Using Analytics to Find Conversion Opportunities
    [*] Google Tag Manager

3 Testing Strategies[/u][/b]

What to test? How to prioritize? How to run tests? When to stop tests? How to analyze results?

    [*] Testing Statistics
    [*] Common Testing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them
    [*] How to Run Tests: From Hypotheses to Stopping Rules
    [*] Prioritizing Tests: How to Decide What to Test Next
    [*] Validity Threats: What can Skew Your Test Results
    [*] Testing QA

4 Optimization Strategies[/u][/b]

Optimization is more than just testing. You need to know all the aspects of the full customer journey before you can influence it.

    [*] Managing a Redesigns
    [*] Optimizing for B2B
    [*] Customer Value Optimization
    [*] Landing Page Optimization
    [*] Creating a Segmentation Strategy

5 Conversion Optimization Program Management[/u][/b]

How to manage your program to success, and how to sell CRO internally and externally.

    [*] How to Design, Roll Out, & Scale an Optimization Program
    [*] Evangelizing for Optimization in Enterprise
    [*] Building Your Optimization Technology Stack
    [*] Optimize Your Optimization Program
    [*] Selling CRO as an Agency
Here’s what you get access to right away

    [*] Conversion Optimization Certification Program with videos courses on topics like conversion optimization, UX, digital analytics, persuasion and psychology
    [*] Original UX, web design and user behavior research studies conducted by our inhouse research team
    [*] On-demand access to world class experts – get your optimization, analytics and UX questions answered

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