Intermediate Google Analytics: Extracting Expert-Level Marketing Insights Ready to go beyond the basics? This tactical training course will let you watch over the shoulder of one of the world’s leading Google Analytics experts.

Enroll in this Google Analytics course to learn how to.

    [*] Master attribution so you know exactly how your channels work together and how your users convert.
    [*] Get 10x more out of the basics you already know: custom dimensions, custom metrics, event tracking, etc.
    [*] Draw out advanced insights from your content analytics, form analytics, social analytics and PPC analytics.
    [*] Produce enterprise-level reports using Data Studio.
    [*] Unlock all of the potential of enhanced ecommerce to make smarter product, placement and promotion decisions.
Here’s what you’ll learn: 1. Why Digital Measurement Matters 2. What Should We Measure? 3. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) 4. Data Quality 5. About Outliers 6. Data Sampling 7. Cross-Device Issues & User IDs 8. Using GA to Fix Business Problems 9. Dimensions & Metrics

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ConversionXL – Intermediate Google Analytic Contains: Videos, PDF´s

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