Extract data from any website with our scraper script builder and extractor With an intuitive point & click interface. With our web data extraction and robotic process automation (RPA) tool you can extract data from almost every web site online or html document. You can start your project now! The Extract Anywhere software interface is simple and easy to use! Management-Ware Extract Anywhere is a powerful scraping suite. With our Web data extraction and robotic process automation (RPA) tool you can extract and transform data from any source. Management-Ware Extract Anywhere has a large suite of features designed to make your job easier. This page highlights the key features of Management-Ware Extract Anywhere scraper.


  • Use the simple point and click configuration with the built-in script editor. No coding required – Simply click on Web elements to configure website navigation and content capture.
  • Extract complete content structures – Extract complete online product catalogues, search results, directories, etc.
  • Choose what to extract with a few clicks. Just activate selection mode, choose a few sample items and Management-Ware Extract Anywhere scraper will deduce the “kind” of item you meant.
  • Create lists of web elements- Follow lists of links or extract lists of content elements.
  • Extracts data from password protected websites.
  • Build your extraction rules with intuitive action trees. Capture any type of content- Capture text, links, images, files, HTML, meta tags and much more.
  • Crawl entire websites – Repeatedly follow all links on a website to look for specific content, such as emails or phone numbers.
  • Full XPATH support – Selection engine with XPATH support and some extended functionality.
  • Custom template libraries – Reuse your own templates or templates from other users.
  • Export extracted data to most popular format – Export data to CSV, Excel, XML, RTF (Word),PDF and Text (TXT)
  • Filter editor