[*] Everything that the Personal Edition has, plus.

    [*] Send Unique or Personalized Attachments to your contacts

    [*] Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage integration to store, sync and access your GroupMail data at other locations and on other devices

    [*] Autoresponder to send welcome emails, automated birthday wishes, reminder notifications and more

    [*] Display your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ profiles in your email.

    [*] Place Tweet buttons in your emails to let your readers share your newsletter.

    [*] Link to databases such as SQL, MySQL, Access, Outlook, Act!

    [*] Schedule mass email messages to send when you are gone

    [*] Send email campaigns super fast with 256 delivery connections

    [*] Bypass external SMTP mail servers with Direct Sending

    [*] Easy double opt-in email collection and subscription management

    [*] Automatic unsubscribe, opt-out and bounce processing

    [*] Import address books and distribution lists from Microsoft Outlook, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, Exchange and PINE

    [*] Integrate with Microsoft Outlook Toolbar (Outlook 2002 or above)

    [*] Import Email Lists directly from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

    [*] Share email groups with multiple users on a network

    [*] Over 142 HTML Email Templates to choose from

    [*] Emails don’t contain Group Mail links

    [*] Install in English, Spanish, French, German or Polish

    [*] Additional Add-ons

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