My name is Jeff, and I make learning AdWords fun! AdWords is EASY when you have a proper guide

I have managed over $20 million in online ad spend and generated billions in revenue for clients.

10 years ago I had to learn AdWords on my own because there were no good teachers. Today, you don’t have to.

I am going to teach you everything that I know!

There is no better way for humans to learn Google AdWords.

This the BEST way to learn Google AdWords online. Check out these great member benefits! 30+ HD Video Lessons Teaching AdWords

Each of our lessons features a video that you can watch as many times as you want as well as an extensive write-up of what is featured in the video.

    [*] Lesson 1: Understanding the Paid Search Game
    [*] Lesson 2: Creating an AdWords Account
    [*] Lesson 3: AdWords Account Structure
    [*] Lesson 4: Campaigns, Ad Groups and settings
    [*] Lesson 5: Keyword Selection
    [*] Lesson 6: Ad Copy Testing
    [*] Lesson 7: Quality Scores
    [*] Lesson 8: Bidding Strategies
    [*] Lesson 9: Tools of the Trade
    [*] Lesson 10: PPC Metrics
    [*] Lesson 11: Ad Extensions
    [*] Lesson 12: Conversions
    [*] Lesson 13: Geo & Language Targeting
    [*] Lesson 14: All About Billing
    [*] Lesson 15: Google representatives
    [*] Lesson 16: My Client Center
    [*] Lesson 17: Earning a Positive Return
    [*] Lesson 18: Seeing your ads in the wild
    [*] Lesson 19: Display Network
    [*] Lesson 20: Device Targeting
    [*] Lesson 21: Account Admin
    [*] Lesson 22: Bid Optimization
    [*] Lesson 23: Account Optimization
    [*] Lesson 24: PPC Compensation
    [*] Lesson 25: PPC Career Options
    [*] Lesson 26: PPC Agencies
    [*] Lesson 27: Google Shopping Campaigns
    [*] Lesson 28: Google Certification

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