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the check. (“Fascination Files” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] HOT NEW direct response lead for 2017. $8.5 million in sales and 80,000 new customers thanks to this unlikely lead. Working like gangbusters in health and wealth. (“Hot New Lead” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] $1,300 GOLD? The greatest silver and gold print ad swipe file there is. from a 50-year copywriting veteran. 75 ads. (“Silver & Gold” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] Socialist’s SALES SECRETS. He once boasted in a headline: “Do You Realize (blank) is the Largest Book Publishing Enterprise Ever in Existence?” But since he sold HUNDREDS of millions of books, none can quibble. His 223-page title testing manual. and greatest ads collection. (“Socialist’s Sales Secrets” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] Ultimate Trading Swipes. 75 DM packages. (“Trading Swipes” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] Pain Relief 151 winning print ads. (“Pain Relief” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] PICK-UP artist in print. Mild mannered agency-man by day. pick up artist by night. His pioneering print campaign. (“Pick Up” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] WEIGHT LOSS. Many marketers don’t have the risk tolerance for it. But if you do. try this: 1) a good advertising lawyer and 2) this weight loss swipe file of 171 current and recent print ads, including: supplements, weight loss centers, hypnosis, and cosmetic surgery. (“Weight Loss” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] FUNDRAISING fortunes. Ogilvy’s response boosting dynamite (not in any of his books). British advertiser’s £147.7 million windfall in 2015. Virginia farmer’s formidable fundraising secrets. €278 million raised in 2015 by this monolith. 68 ads. (“Fundraising” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] Unbeatable BIZ-OPs and perfect pitches. 130 long running print ads. (“Biz-Op” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] REAL ESTATE. Greatest “nothing down” pitches in print. TAKE AWAY selling to the tune of $19,000,00 worth of lots sold in a single day (in the 1920s). Secrets of sight unseen selling. Urban land CRISIS and selling the dream of “small town America”. How B.K. Haynes sold more land per ad than ten competitors combined. (“Real Estate” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)
[*] HIGH TICKET Selling (Part 3): From $500 supplements to $5,000 options advisories. (“High Ticket” on Million Dollar Hard Drive)

Profiles of “Players in Print”[/b]

>>Players in Print #1: “The agency that hated the agency business. and bought out its clients” >>Player in Print #2: “Dentist to the (almost) stars >>Player in Print #3: “How Evelyn Wood built the fastest franchise in speed reading” >>Player in Print #4: “The Pharmacist Frontman” >>Player in Print #5: From London lawyer’s underground epiphany in 1960 to €278 million in funds raised in 2015 >>Player in Print #6: From penny-a-word science-fiction writer to $600 million net worth >>Player in Print #7: “From the factory floor to direct response superstar” >>Player in Print #8: ” Mild mannered copywriter by day.pick up artist by night” >>Players in Print #9: “Nordic Invaders” >>Players in Print #10: “4-foot-11 marketing giant” and the “natural born hustler” >>Player in Print #11: “The man who called Black Monday on live TV” >>Player in Print #12: “The Old Lion” >>Players in Print #13: “The Carpet Kings” >>Player in Print #14: “Bet-A-Million Bob’s Deal of the Century” >>Player in Print #15: “Grizzled old goldbug’s amazing advertising alchemy” >>Player in Print #16: “The outrageous challenge and the last man standing in nothing down real estate” >>Player in Print #17: “Wrinkles FEARED Her”

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