[*]Name : List Janitor Pro + OTOs

    [*]Version : 1.3

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Email List Manager

    [*]Price : $483

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Boost Email Deliverability with this Powerful List Cleaning And Management Tool
Powerful desktop software helps you clean your list on your desktop computer itself. You won’t have to pay a hefty fees to get your list cleaned, and you won’t have to pay a recurring. Use it for as long as you want, and as often as you want.
List Janitor also has ultra-powerful list management and segmentation features that will help you create sub-lists targeting specific user groups. You can’t get this even from expensive list-cleaning services.
Like all our products, List Janitor is field-tested, proven and well-maintained.
Multi Language Support : List Janitor’s interface is available in English, Spanish, German & Portuguese.


    [*] Bring dead lists to life

    [*] Import your lists easier into autoresponders

    [*] Reduce your email marketing costs

    [*] Improves your email delivery

    [*] Get a higher open rate

    [*] Segment your lists easily

    [*] Combine two lists into one

    [*] Super Easy To Use

    [*] Import any list and clean it in a matter of seconds.

    [*] Removes invalid addresses, role addresses, spam-traps etc. from your lists.

    [*] Works with CSVs or simple list of email addresses.

    [*] Advanced list management & analysis features help you get the most from your list.

    [*] Bring back your old and dying list to life by purifying it.

    [*] Every Internet marketer needs this product.

    [*] Must have if you want to import your lists into an autoresponder (Autoresponders do not import unclean lists).

    [*] Improves your deliverability and reduces your expense.

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