Turn your searches into Scouting Reports.
OAXRAY is a Google Chrome browser extension that you use on your favorite web retailer websites on any category or search page. With one click, you’ll get a color coded spreadsheet with ROI, Net Profit, Sales Rank, and much more to help you make buying decisions.


    [*] Comparison Sourcing : When you are sourcing at one store (including Amazon), you are sourcing at all stores. OAXRAY will give you the prices and links for all supported stores selling a product.

    [*] Power Sourcing : No more evaluating products one a a time. With OAXRAY, you can analyze all the products on a search page with one click and analyze multiple pages simultaneously.

    [*] Powerful Filtering and Sorting Options : OAXRAY adds powerful filtering and sorting options and lets you factor in customized costs and discounts to help you analyze data quickly to make buying decisions.

    [*] OAXRAY Extras : We also include additional tools like a CSV Loader for uploading your own spreadsheet files to evaluate, an Amazon-to-Amazon deal finding tool, and a Variation Analyzer to produce scouting sheets on Amazon items with lots of variations.

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