[*]Name : Sky Email Verifier

    [*]Version : 2.6

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Email Verifier

    [*]Price : $29

    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Welcome to Sky Email Verifier. We provide easy and efficient email verification to help you winning the business.


    [*] Easy to use : Only two steps, open a mail list, click the start button!

    [*] Multiple thread at the same time : Design independent thread pool, automatically calculate network bandwidth and dynamically adjust network connection based on multithread operation for different email servers to increase email verification efficiency.

    [*] The verification speed is fast : The speed is closely related with the structure of the software design. We carried on the thorough thinking in terms of software design, adopted at present the most stable network components, and other technologies. This software is stable and reliable.

    [*] Real-time display verification status :

    [*] 1.Displaying the number that has been validated and the total number through the progress bar.

    [*] 2.Having intuitive data report, distinguishing different verification results through different colors.

    [*] 3.Showing the time used real-time.

    [*] Convenient exporting data :

    [*] 1.Support TXT and CSV formats.

    [*] 2.Support different verification results.

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