[*]Name :Smart Admin Tweaks – WordPress Plugin
    [*]Version : 3.9.3
    [*]OS : Linux
    [*]Type : Utilities
    [*]Price : 30
    [*]Homepage : SalePage

Free Smart Admin Tweaks is collection of tools and tweaks (80 tweaks available in latest version) for controlling various elements of WordPress website. All tweaks are split into 11 panels (1 is exclusively for Network Admin panel). In WordPress multisite more, panel Global is available only in Network Admin panel.


    [*]Disable TinyMCE4 autoresize
    [*]Redirect search with one result
    [*]Change default editor type
    [*]Disable capital P filters
    [*]Remove website field from comment form
    [*]Refuse comments with no referrer
    [*]Disable XML-RPC
    [*]Enable shortcodes in widgets
    [*]Prevent self pingbacks
    [*]Disable all RSS feeds
    [*]Disable comments auto links
    [*]Disable default widgets
    [*]Remove ‘hentry’ class
    [*]Allow use of drafts for parents
    [*]Enable excerpt for Pages
    [*]Disable auto draft deletion
    [*]Change Excerpt length
    [*]Disable posts auto save
    [*]Disable auto trash deletion
    [*]Posts revisions control
    [*]Change posts auto save interval
    [*]Change empty trash days

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