Zalo is 1 of Most Popular Mobile Social Network in Vietnam, Here is marketing software for it
Zalo become a phenomenon in technology as well as marketing in Vietnam, many people realized the possibility of a local company. Few people dare to believe a company that Vietnam could create technology products with features that fascinate users, simultaneously with the impressive marketing campaign, more than any foreign company – which is considered wealthy, and experienced many of the ads “full of himself”


    [*] Automatically send messages and pictures to bulk users Zalo

    [*] Automatically filter and connect users with telephone numbers are used Zalo

    [*] Automatically generate numbers (If you do not have a list of numbers available)

    [*] Automatic import contacts from file.txt, even list and more information

    [*] Delivery speed 60s / 1tin to send follow list and 3s / news Send by location

    [*] Save results on Zalo send the machine off abruptly

    [*] Enter your phone number from Excel: you can enter a list of phone number from a text file or series excel.

    [*] Send by location, chat rooms

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