[*]Name : Solid Email Verifier

    [*]Version : 3.0

    [*]OS : Windows

    [*]Type : Email Verify Tools

    [*]Price : $47

If you’re worried no email software testing life and death for your email marketing campaign, find out through our Solid Email Verifier. With Solid Email Verifier, the email does not exist will disappear from the list of your potential customers. A great tool right?


    [*] Check Email providers Gmail, Hotmail with 100% accuracy (the software does not check yahoo mail)

    [*] Speed test Email living dead could reach 10,000 emails / hour

    [*] Email eliminate errors due to domain not maintained

    [*] Email eliminate malformed or duplicate, email does not exist or has been locked

    [*] Email can remove the mailbox is full or no ability to receive mail at that time

    [*] Import, export contacts automatically from txt file, excel

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