Telegram Soren (Add channel member to group)
Most professional software to increase organ and channel views and telegram API (Adad member of Fick Channel)


    [*] No need to install and setup (simple and fast)

    [*] No need for technical knowledge to work with this app

    [*] High speed and stability in the Add Non-real (virtual or real line), cable channel

    [*] S ability to increase and at the same time or separately (Automatic devices for periodic visits)

    [*] At the same time be able to upload all types of files in the program numbers (STAT and TGS and TGA formats and KEY) ( There is also a separate application to convert all formats )

    [*] Ability to load line for open or closed files for packages

    [*] The possibility of an increase in accounts loaded at once (or file loading multiple packages at the same time)

    [*] Allows you to adjust the engine number from 1 to 10 motors simultaneously (Multi Thread)

    [*] Allows you to adjust the number of channel content to visit

    [*] Ability to add the channel or group visit, delete, image and name on the line and start the robot and lines all in one app!

    [*] Take advantage of a general or specific link channel or group without having to do anything else!

    [*] Possibility of visiting the channel or other facilities for electric and automated custom schedule

    [*] The possibility of scheduling software for automatic activity at the specified time or connecting it to panels or other applications.

    [*] Automatic devices for task specific applications easily and simply

    [*] Connectivity to other applications and panels quickly and easily

    [*] Allows speed control and automatic adjustment program hits per cycle

    [*] Enable image and name Persian or English on account of (change profile)

    [*] Unable to parse numbers unusable and burned

    [*] The possibility of increasing the robots (the so-called robot start) with arbitrary parameters

    [*] Provide complete and accurate report of any operation and storage reports

    [*] Without involving your system without the need for mouse and keyboard (no need to program Telegram Desktop)

    [*] Very easy to apply and use

    [*] Can be used in servers and virtual instruments

    [*] It is based on the API and without involving the mouse and keyboard (for the background to do that)

    [*] Install and compatible with all versions of Windows

    [*] Permanent and free support and updates

    [*] And hundreds of other special features

    [*] Design and Programming: Programming specialized team and Shypvrk