Find Niches, Research Keywords, Generate Video Details and Create Videos
– Dominate YouTube Rankings
– Get On YouTube First Page
– Spy Your Competition
– Find Untapped Keywords
– Track Your Rankings
– Get Traffic From Related Videos


Keyword Suggestions

  • View popular searches in the past week for a specific country

  • Suggest new keywords from various sources

  • Get keywords using complex algorithm

  • Return partial match/exact keywords

  • Export keywords to MVB Pro/CSV/HTML

  • Analyze related videos, first page and trending videos while returning keywords

  • View rank and YouTube search results of keywords

Competition analysis

  • Analyze competition from first page of YouTube

  • Automatically save all data so you can later view/analyze it

  • View competition partial match/exact match keywords

  • Analyze number of views, comments and subscribers of competition

  • View estimated views per day of competitors

Video Details Generator

  • Generate SEO Optimized Video Details

  • Get over 10 title suggestions/keyword

  • Auto generate descriptions by scraping sentences from Google

  • Auto generate keywords (tags)

  • Generate video details from custom template

  • Export video details to Mass Video Blaster Pro

  • Save report (video details, required views, subscribers) on the web and share it

  • Manually or Automatically select sentences that will be used in description

Rank Tracker

  • Trace your video rank in time

  • View current YT rank and previous YT rank of your videos based on a keyword

  • View current/previous Google rank based on a keyword

  • View current views and previous views of your Videos

  • Check if a YT video is on google based on a keyword

  • View statistics for your videos

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