Introducing My Video Pal V.2

Introducing My Video Pal V.2, the new My Video Pal V2 is now bigger than ever and is jam packed with massive collection of brand new animated swipe files, templates, music, graphics and other items that allow you to deploy your next amazing video.

Have you seen those attractive and engaging videos promoting successful and popular products lately? Aren’t they awesome and make you feel jumping on the boat and click the buy button? Well, this is the magic of video marketing. Well, video marketing has been around for some time and its getting very popular because for one simple reason, they convert so well! That is why many smart marketers these days are employing video marketing to promote their products.

But creating such video is not an easy task, the complications involved in creating professional yet engaging videos has discouraged many people from creating them. And they are missing out many sales by choosing to ignore the power of video marketing.

If you have always wanted to create high quality videos but have been discouraged to do so due to the following reasons:

    [*] Don’t have access to dedicated video editing software or don’t have the financial capability to purchase expensive video editing software.
    [*] Don’t have the budget or don’t want to incur unnecessary spending to outsource the work to expensive video designer or freelancer.
    [*] Don’t have the technical skills or experience in using video editing software. ( Video software like Adobe After Effects can be very complicated to use especially for newbies! )
    [*] Or any other reasons that may have discouraged you from creating your own video to boost your product or service conversion rate.

My Video Pal V.2 is a super toolkit packed with templates, animated swipe files and resources that allow you to use them to rapidly deploy attractive and engaging videos using PowerPoint. My Video Pal is huge and is included with,

    [*] Animated text swipe files.
    [*] Character swipe files.
    [*] Fact & Stats swipe files.
    [*] Logo opener swipe files.
    [*] Photo swipe files.
    [*] Problem identification swipe files.
    [*] Product introduction & features swipe files.
    [*] Question swipe files.
    [*] Social connects swipe files.
    [*] Testimonial swipe files.
    [*] Readymade PowerPoint video templates.
    [*] Royalty free music package that you can use to enhance your next video.
    [*] Graphics package exclusively designed for use in your next video.
    [*] And other resources like fonts and etc.

You can easily copy & paste and mix and match the swipe files with each other and create new video variations easily. Or you can use the included readymade templates to rapidly deploy new videos.

With the easy to use interface PowerPoint offer plus all the huge varieties of animated swipe files and templates that you can find in My Video Pal, you literally can create unlimited variations of engaging videos with My Video Pal!

My Video Pal is indeed your must have toolkit when it comes to video creation with PowerPoint!

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My Video Pal V.2 Contains: Graphics, Templates, Videos, Audios..

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