Hi mate,As nature of our Business, we no longer accept Paypal again.

But you still can use paypal to buy from us by theses ways :
Method 1: Cryptocurrency (BTC,ETH, LTC,…)

Now today Crypto (Bitcoin BTC) more popular than paypal and use world wide to make payment.We have Thousands orders completed by crypto every months.So it is stable to use.

Step 1 : Create your Account and Wallet at Big USA Company CoinBase (IPO success on 2021).

Step 2 : You can buy BTC by One of trusted sites (that you never get scam) :

– Directly via Coinbase (By your Card/Bank Transfer) : How to ?

– Via Xcoin by your Paypal

– Via Binance (By Card/Bank)

– Via Wunderbit (by SEPA/Skrill/Card)

Step 3 : Now have bitcoin on your wallet.

Enjoy shoping at IMGLORY!



Method 2 : Store Credit

We have ourself Store Credits that you can use them to buy anything at IMGlory

How to Funds Credits to Your Account :

Step 1 : Contact Our Support via :– Email : support[at]imglory[dot]co– or Livechat :

Step 2 : Transfer funds 

– By Paypal/Card/Bank by Contact Support

– Or Directly by other payment method.

Step 3 : Once Payment Made.Our Support will be check and Add Credit to your account within 24hs.

Step 4 : Enjoy !

Noted :

– 1$ = 25 point credits that make you easier to Shoping.

– You also get 10% credit extra.