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Mystic Brain – Dawson Church – MindValley

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Mystic Brain – Dawson Church – MindValley is a 22-day online journey towards mastery of your brain’s neurochemicals: and in turn your ability to experience ecstatic bliss, peace, and flow in your daily moments.
On each day, you’ll join Dawson Church for a 20-minute video lesson that takes you deep into the neurochemicals that shape your life: and the science-based transcendent practices and neurochemical meditations you can use to harness and regulate them to your benefit.
By the end of the program, you’ll have all the tools and wisdom you need to naturally harness your neurochemistry – and transform how you think, feel, and perform in your everyday life.

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Mystic Brain – Dawson Church – MindValley
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Mystic Brain – Dawson Church – MindValley
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