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Frank Kern – The Core Four Program

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We’re GETTING YOU KNOWN Using A Simple Three-Post Social Media Strategy That Anyone Can Implement. You’ll build an engaged audience of people who like you …and we’ll do it using organic (free) strategies as well as simple ads.(The ads are optional …but I’ll show you how to do it because you’ll probably like it.)
We’re Building An Email List Of People Who Really Like You.As you know, an email list of people who like and trust you is one of the most valuable things you can have in your business.There’s nothing quite like the feeling of hitting “send” and seeing sales come in as a result.Never gets old
We’re MAKING OFFERS That Sell. ETHICALLY.We’re not going to make crazy claims or be obnoxious because no matter what we say, we know that most people won’t buy the first time they see your offer.This is simple human nature.So we’re going to create offers that cause some of your prospects to buy immediately.And the ones who don’t will STILL like you and they’ll STILL be interested. (Otherwise they wouldn’t have checked out the offer in the first place).They just didn’t buy right away because that’s how human nature works.Which is why …
​We’re following up with prospects until they buy.

Automatically.We’ll do this using very simple email campaigns that drive your prospects back to your offers …without driving them crazy.All on auto-pilot.When I work with my $40,000 Private Clients, this is usually the area we end up working on the most.It just doesn’t really cost you anything extra to follow up with your list …but so few people really do it!You’ll see how to do it in a way that keeps people buying …but also preserves your good relationship with them.Get this right and it’s a game changer.

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Frank Kern – The Core Four Program
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Frank Kern – The Core Four Program
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