Linked Booster Annual


The smartest automation tool to generate leads and engage with prospects for LinkedIn winners.

Users have thousands of connections and even more targeted LinkedIn profiles that they want to prospect and engage but they only have limited time for each connection per month (17 minutes average).

Each qualified connection can generate big deals for the customer:

Linked Booster brings advanced solutions to kill your whole pain process.

Auto-connect: Build new connections while you are sleeping by sending automatic invitations with introductions.

Auto-collect with tagging feature: Helps you quickly categorize profiles into the curated lists.

Dashboard: You center brain to manage all information about your customers with Tags & Notes.

Export: Export all/selected data in Dashboard as a CSV file for further integration.

If you don’t want to save time and break out at work, just use LinkedIn the usual way. But if you want a powerful assistant to help you improve your business prospects, then Linked Booster is that great one.

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Linked Booster Annual
Linked Booster Annual
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